The O&J Péters Fund – Call for nominations for The International O&J Péters Prize 2022

Leuven, March 2022 The O&J Péters Grant for Development Cooperation. Since its foundation in 1986, the Oscar and Jacques Péters Fund has awarded the triennial O&J Péters Prize, honoring excellent scientific research in the field of production engineering. After Professor Jacques Péters passed away in December 2018, at the blessed age of 95 years, the

New Advanced Manufacturing network votes in its first Chairpersons

As a new-age branch of industry that offers the potential to revolutionise production lines and promote environmental sustainability, advanced manufacturing is quickly becoming an integral part of the European economy. EURAMET’s newly-formed European Metrology Network (EMN) for Advanced Manufacturing aims to provide critical measurement support for this sector of industry. The EMN will drive collaboration across the

Jan van Eijk speaks during the DSPE Conference 2014. The winner of the ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 attaches great value to knowledge sharing and was therefore co-initiator of the DSPE Conference on precision mechatronics in 2012. (Photo: Jochem Treu)

Jan van Eijk receives the ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

Eindhoven, November 4, 2021 Prof.Dr. Jan van Eijk is awarded the ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award for broad-reaching advances in precision mechatronics and for promoting the active sharing of these advances throughout the technical community. Jan van Eijk accepts the ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award as a representative of the Dutch community in precision engineering. As a

Teun van de Sande, winner of the Wim van der Hoek Award 2020

PRESS RELEASE Eindhoven (NL), November 2020 Wim van der Hoek Award goes to TU/e alumnus Teun van de Sande Prize for design of a complex mechanism During the online programme of the 2020 Precision Fair, the Wim van der Hoek Award was presented under the auspices of DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering). The prize

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