On the 15-16 March 2017, euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology) will be hosting the 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine, and Machine Tool Performance (LAMDAMAP) at the Renishaw Innovation Centre in the U.K., looking at aspects of metrology when applied to machine tools.

The LAMDAMAP event attracts the cream of the precision engineering community with a specific interest in machine tool metrology, with delegates representing the manufacturing, research, and academic community.

Networking is the key to the success of euspen’s events, and the LAMDAMAP conference and exhibition are designed to allow delegates, speakers, and exhibitors alike the ability to meet and discuss issues of immediate relevance to the area of on laser metrology, coordinate measuring machine, and machine tool performance.

The production of more and more accurate and smaller and smaller components relies and indeed is underpinned by advanced machine tool metrology, which facilitates the assessment of performance of machines. This requirement becomes more pressing as the drive in industry towards the greater use of nano-scale surface finishes and features gathers pace. It is vital that form and finish is produced consistently in small complex parts, and it is here that the key challenge for advanced metrology solutions exists today.

The euspen LAMDAMAP event is a leading source of relevant knowledge. It allows the next generation of manufacturers to use all available advances in measurement techniques to meet tomorrow’s production challenges, and the calibre of delegates is unique.

There are a number of exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available to machine tool metrology technology or service providers. The key to success in such a dynamic and fast moving area of precision engineering is that practitioners partner with the right technology and service providers early in their projects, and the opportunity therefore exists at LAMDAMAP for exhibitors to discuss alliances with a uniquely qualified group of potential customers.