Ultra Precision Replication Techniques

|Ultra Precision Replication Techniques

Establishment of Sub-µm Structured Polymer Surfaces Texture Using a non-conventional Approach

Numerical Simulation and Replication of Bionic Microstructure for Drag Reduction

One-step Production of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Using Laser-based Variothermal Injection Moulding

Enabling the Production of Aspheric Glass Lenses with Diffractive Structures

High Accuracy Three-dimensional Simulation of Micro Injection Moulded Parts

Study on the Influence of the Forming Velocity in Micro Impact Extrusion with Modular Dies

Injection Moulding–Mould Design for High Precision Optical Lenses Without Centering Error

Fluid Jet and Bonnet Polishing of Optical Moulds for Applications fromVisible to X-Ray

Validation of Alternative Tooling Process Chains for Nickel Based Glass Moulding Moulds

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