Precision Cutting Processes

|Precision Cutting Processes

TiAlN coated ultra-small micro end mills

Influence of the rake angle on the surface formation during micro shaping of submicron optical structures in Au-layers

Force and spatial profile analysis of surface generation of single point diamond turning

Development of the hybrid sequential machining: laser machining and milling

Investigation of micro milling of lithium niobate for biosensor applications

Effects of machine compliance in micro-grinding

Experimental Verification of Lithium Niobate Cutting Phenomena from the View Point of Crystallographic Orientation

Generation of thermally effective surface structures by ultrasonic vibration assisted turning

Theoretical study on the critical chip thickness in microcutting CaF2 single crystals with crystal plasticity finite element method

Comparison of cutting edge characterization techniques applied to industrial tools with sub micrometer edge radius.

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