Novel Manufacturing Technologies & Machine Tools

|Novel Manufacturing Technologies & Machine Tools

Evaluation of the electron beam spot size in electron beam melting for additive manufacturing

Drilling Performance Evaluation of CFRP Plate for Workpiece Clamping Methods

Damping,Design method,Dynamic,Mechatronic

Submicron cutting depth achievement for ultra-precision flycutting machine tool based on supplied pressure controlling

Experimentation,Friction,Nano indentation

Process analysis on milled optical surfaces in hardened stainless steel

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Design method,Finite element method (FEM),Nano manufacturing

Compact 3 AXES CNC Electro Chemical Machine Tool

Finite element method (FEM),Mechanism,Turning,Ultra-precision

Investigation of machining dynamics in ultraprecision machining of freeform surfaces using the slow tool servo (STS)

Calibration,Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Metrology

Effect of Internal Surface Finishing using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Abrasive Finishing (HCAF) Process on the Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Components

Grinding,In-process measurement,Micromachining,Tool

Study on improvement in the quality of drilled holes using a robot manipulator

Accuracy,Design method,Mechanism,Strain

Characterisation techniques to assess functional properties of barrier coatings for flexible PV substrates

Ultra- precision machine system feedback controlled using hexapod-type measurement device for six-degree-of-freedom relative motions between tool and workpiece

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