Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Micro-hole fabrication on polymer by electrochemical discharge machining


Investigation of acoustic emission behaviors and their synchronization with discharge pulse signals in micro electrical discharge machining

Acoustic;Electrical discharge machining (EDM);Monitoring

Compensation of structure distortion in non-isothermal hot forming of laser structured thin glass

Forming;Glass;Laser micro machining;Sustainable development

Machining characteristics of Ti6Al4V in ECM and hybrid laser-ECM

Electro chemical machining (ECM);Micromachining

In-situ transient current detection in local anodic oxidation nanolithography using conductive diamond-coated probes

Atomic force microscopy (AFM);Monitoring;Nano manufacturing;Oxidation

High-efficiency fabrication of functional structured array surfaces on metallic ceramic materials by a novel magnetic field-assisted self-assembly electrode

Ceramic;Electrical discharge machining (EDM);Electrode;Machining

Zinc nano-powder mixed electrical discharge machining for antibacterial surface modification

Biomedical;Deposition;Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Laser cutting and structuring for processing aluminium nitride chips for optical clocks

Development;Laser beam machining (LBM);Manufacturing;Processing

AFM-ECM: Electrochemical micro/nano machining on an AFM platform

Electro chemical machining (ECM);Micromachining

Influence of plasma-electrolytic rounding on chemical composition, roughness and cutting-edge radius of cemented carbide cutting tool inserts


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