Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

An experimental framework for micro-EDM texturing on ceramic injection moulds for improved feedstock flowability

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Injection,Micromachining,Microstructure

Reduction of erosion duration for electrical discharge drilling using a nature analogue algorithm with nested strategy types

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Optimisation

Particle contact conditions for cutting edge preparation of micro-milling tools by the immersed tumbling process


Concept for an actuated variable tool electrode for use in sinking EDM

Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Effect of Plasma Processing Parameters on the Surface Modification of Fibre Reinforced Composites by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma


Effect of grain size on microtopography of Wire Electrical Discharge profiled and conventionally profiled diamond grinding wheels

Carbide,Grinding,Super abrasive,Wire EDM

Electrochemical micro-milling of niobium carbide (NbC) cermet with and without laser assistance

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Micromachining

Characteristics of electrochemical machining by using electrolyte suction tool with auxiliary anode

Accuracy,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Electrode

Application of tool electrodes oxidised with humid and dry air during the electro-discharge drilling of MAR-M247 alloy

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Oxidation

Influence of ignition and polishing phase on jet shape and electric current in Jet- Plasma electrolytic Polishing

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Fluid,Image,Polishing

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