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Large size nano-patterned nickel roll mold fabricated using nanoimprint and electroplating process

Nano manufacturing,Nano technology,Roll

Effect of height of micro textures fabricated by deep X-Ray lithography on surface wettablility

Measuring instrument,Micromachining,Surface,X-ray

Design and Verification of a High Load Large Flexure Hinge Stage for Nanometer Displacement

Measurement,Nano technology,Resolution,Simulation

New fabrication method of metal tiny-3d-structure using capacitor-type electro discharge-deposition-device

3D printing,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Metal,Microstructure

Laser micro machining using a photonic nanojet controlled by incident wavelength

Laser micro machining

Micro-sampling of porous media for capillary flow microfluidics

A comprehensive error correction/prediction system for tool-servo driven diamond turning of freeform surfaces


Detection of unfused powder in additive manufactured artefact using computer tomography

Defect,Nano manufacturing,Powder,X-ray

Large monolithic curved panels and cylindrical torque tubes for concentrated solar power parabolic trough systems


Development of a Plate-type Ultrasonic Waveguide for Cooling Applicaions

Acoustic,Actuator,Nano technology,Ultrasonic

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