Metrology in New Fabrication Techniques

|Metrology in New Fabrication Techniques

Comparison of Discrete Laplacian-Beltrami Operators and Their Applications in Surface Metrology

Effect of Process Parameters on Overcut during Assistive Die sinking Electro-discharge machining


A dual laser sensor scanning system for inspection of holistic weld geometry

Composite,End milling,Grinding,Tool

Articulated industrial robots: An approach to thermal compensation based on joint power consumption

Interferometry,Measurement,Measuring instrument,Metrology

An integrated opto-mechanical measurement system for in-process defect measurement on a roll-to-roll process

An ANOVA method of evaluating the specification uncertainty in roughness measurement

A computerised data handling procedure for defect detection and analysis for large area substrates manufactured by roll-to-roll process

Three-dimensional metrology of embedded microfeatures in ceramics by infrared optical coherence tomography – advantages and limitations

Simultaneous Multi-type Feature Separation for Complex Structured Surface Analysis

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