Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools: Design and Performance

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools: Design and Performance

Tolerance analysis for the C axis of a dual?axis rotary indexing table

Analysis,Computer aided design (CAD),Machine,Precision

Devising kinematics model for parallel link mechanism type machine tool


Uncertainty evaluation of low-cost vibration sensors in precision manufacturing applications

Calibration,Measuring instrument,Sensor,Uncertainty

Investigations on low-friction kinematic couplings based on compliant mechanisms


Phosphorescent spherical marker for precise image measurements 


Design and manufacture of a reference interferometer for long-range distance metrology

Computer aided design (CAD),Interferometry,Measuring instrument,Metrology

Optical fibre-coupled displacement and angle measurements using range-resolved interferometry


Simulation-based tracking performance estimation of CNC machine tool feed drive

Computer numerical control (CNC),Estimating,Modelling,Simulation

Design and validation of a tuneable clamping table for chatter avoidance in slender parts machining


Detecting cutting tool fractures and changes in chip formation in finish turning with acoustic emission technique


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