Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools: Design and Performance

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools: Design and Performance

Laser triangulation-based thermal characterization of machine tool spindles according to ISO 230-3

Machine;Measuring instrument;Precision;Thermal error

Metrological evaluation of Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric Accelerometer measurement chains in industrial applications: Modelling and characterisation of noise

Accuracy;Measuring instrument;Piezo-electric;Vibration

High speed air bearing spindle for ultra precision machining


Development of test panel for measurement of temperature in chamber


Characterization and compensation of volumetric error variations over time in medium size machine tools

Precision;Thermal error;Uncertainty

Autonomous chatter detection using displacement sensors in turning


A Study of Holms and Greenwood Contact Resistance Models for Hertzian Electrical Contacts in Sustained High-Current Applications


Measuring the traction properties of water at high pressures between rolling contacts


On vibration transmissibility in a machine tool-support-foundation-subsoil system

Dynamic;Finite element method (FEM);Model;Vibration

Simulation Design of Vibration Blade for Silicon Wafer Dicing System


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