Machining Technologies for Molds & Microparts

|Machining Technologies for Molds & Microparts

Design and manufacture of thin cavities insert for micro injection molding process via stereolithography

Injection,Mold (or Mould),Stereolithography

Precision Injection Moulding With Inserts Made Of Mortar Material

Mold (or Mould),Precision,Stereolithography,Tooling

New tool electrode materials for high precision sinking EDM

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Material,Sinking

Investigation on diamond tool wear in ultraprecision machining of polymers


Ultrasonic assisted diamond turning of conventional and additive manufactured steel materials

3D printing,Steel,Ultrasonic,Wear

Influence of process parameters on micro-milling process of tungsten carbide-based MMC-Material

Composite,Diamond,Micromachining,Molding (or Moulding)

Micro-Milling of burr-free thin Structures for die-sinking EDM Applications

Burr,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Injection,Micromachining

Testing procedure for optical probes integrated on ultra-precision diamond turning machines

Calibration,In-process measurement,Turning,Ultra-precision

On-line monitoring strategies for detection of process completion in micro-polishing


Burr formation and prediction in slot milling of titanium alloy


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