Machine Tools

|Machine Tools

6-axis CAM toolpath planning for 3d-optics

Geometric-error analysis of three-axis machine tools using displacement information relative to single location

Error,Geometric modelling,Machine,Optimisation

Lateral error compensation for focus variation microscopy

Compensation,Error,Kinematic,Measuring instrument

Static stiffness and dynamics testing on a spindle for ultra-precision diamond turning


Characterisation of a new three-dimensional absolute optical position sensor and investigation on position and axis errors of a precision bearing on nm and µrad scales.

Nano technology,Optical,Positioning,Sensor

Miniaturized parallel kinematic machine tool for the machining of small workpieces


Design of an Automatic Scaling Approach for Photogrammetric Point Clouds of Micro Features

Design,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Image,Measuring instrument,Miniaturization

Tilting pad gas bearings for high speed turbo machinery: Design, Fabrication and Validation

Testing of an axially-actuated rotary stage for an ultra-precision machine tool

Improvements of a novel size-adjusted machine concept


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