High Precision Mechantronics

|High Precision Mechantronics

Flexure-based Pointing Mechanism with Sub-microradian Resolution for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

Solution Principles for the Metrology of very Small Torques with Minimized Relative Uncertainty

Laser Frequency Stabilization for Aerospace Applications

Alternative Concepts for High Precision Bearings in Torque Standard Machines

Lightweight 450 mm Wafer Stages Enabled by Over-actuation

Modal Actuation for High Speed Piezoelectric Positioning

Mechatronic System Design of an Optical Element Curvature Actuation System

Modal Prediction of Aerostatic Guideway with Realistic Bearing Stiffness Model

Electrode Feeding Device for Micro-hole Electrical Discharge Machining by Using AZARASHI Mechanism

Efficient Evaluation of Machine Concepts Under Hysteresis and Inertia Influences

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