Special Interest Group Meeting : Structured & Freeform Surfaces

6th – 8th October 2020

PTB Virtual Laboratory Tours

Wednesday 7th October 2020
Time: 15:50 – 17:20 (CEST)

TourTour Description
Metrology for Functional NanosystemsProf. Dr Stefanie Kroker presents recent developments and verifications of novel nanooptical systems for metrological or sensoric applications
Interferometry on gauge blocksDr Guido Bartl presents the principle and the applications of a Twyman-Green interferometer in the field of gauge block measurements
TU Braunschweig, IHTProf. Erwin Peiner demonstrates the fabrication of nanowires for energy harvesting, piezoresistive silicon microprobes for high speed topography and simultaneous mechanical property measurements
New Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) at PTBJannick Langfahl-Klabes introduces the new SEM at PTB and its application for the reconstruction of the 3D morphology of a tactile probing tip.
Layer Thickness and Crystalline StandardsDr Ingo Busch demonstrates his activities to develop crystalline silicon standards with ultraflat surfaces, atomic step artefacts.
3D-NanometrologyDr Gaoliang Dai demonstrates critical dimension measurements using a large range nanomeasuring machine.
Tactile Probing MethodsDr Zhi Li demonstrates two tactile micro probing systems, a long slender fast silicon microprobe for topography and elastic property measurements and a linear capacitive MEMS sensor for nanomechanical measurements.
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