Tool manufacturing for the replication of micro-structures into steel parts by embossing

Coating,Cold forming,Die,Microstructure

Forming ceramics components using Micro-FAST

Application and Development of Linear motor driven Ultra-recision Positioning Stage with Air Floating Positioning Platform

Experimental investigation on feedstock extrusion for micromanufacturing of metallic components with unique properties

3D printing,Extrusion,Manufacturing

Biological features produced by additive manufacturing processes using vat photopolymerization method

3D printing,Manufacturing,Microstructure,Polymer

A nano-manufacturing process chain for controlling magnetic domain walls in nanowires

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Nano manufacturing

Burr formation and prediction in slot milling of titanium alloy


Electro sinter forging of titanium disks

In-process measurement,Process,Sintering,Titanium

Application of on-machine surface measurement in ultra-precision machining

In-process measurement,Ultra-precision

Calibration artefact for testing the resolution of 3D microscopes


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