Hexapods and other high precision parallel kinematics in (industrial automation and) Silicon Photonics

Application and Development of Linear motor driven Ultra-recision Positioning Stage with Air Floating Positioning Platform

Micro Contract Modelling of Rough Surfaces using ISO 25178 feature parameters


Experimental investigation on feedstock extrusion for micromanufacturing of metallic components with unique properties

3D printing,Extrusion,Manufacturing

Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Tool Wear Areas Based on Improved Laplacian Operator


Biological features produced by additive manufacturing processes using vat photopolymerization method

3D printing,Manufacturing,Microstructure,Polymer

An optimized interpolation methodology for micromachining

Algorithm,Computer numerical control (CNC),Feed,Micromachining

A nano-manufacturing process chain for controlling magnetic domain walls in nanowires

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Nano manufacturing

On-line monitoring strategies for detection of process completion in micro-polishing


Burr formation and prediction in slot milling of titanium alloy


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