Uncertainty evaluation of on-machine tool measurement on shop floor conditions


Demonstration of closed loop velocity control for fast imaging techniques using high-speed AFM

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Control,Positioning,Rapid

In-situ high dynamic range inspection in Ebeam machine based on fringe projection profilometry

Dimensional characterization of micro-milled polymer channels for acoustic blood plasma separation

Finite element method (FEM),Metrology,Micromachining,Polymer

Effects of process parameters on print quality and mechanical properties of FDM printed polyoxymethylene (POM)

3D printing

A novel method for deformation prediction caused by initial residual stress

Algorithm,Deformation,Lapping,Residual stress

Effect of powder particle size on the rheology of feedstocks for low pressure powder injection moulding

3D printing,Injection,Mold (or Mould),Powder

A method for measuring the wall-thickness of thin-walled spherical shell parts


Measuring range extension of spectrally-resolved interferometry by using a polarization pixelated CMOS camera

Interferometry,Measurement,Measuring instrument,Metrology

An experimental framework for micro-EDM texturing on ceramic injection moulds for improved feedstock flowability

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Injection,Micromachining,Microstructure

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