Uncertainty evaluation of on-machine tool measurement on shop floor conditions


Demonstration of closed loop velocity control for fast imaging techniques using high-speed AFM

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Control,Positioning,Rapid

An experimental framework for micro-EDM texturing on ceramic injection moulds for improved feedstock flowability

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Injection,Micromachining,Microstructure

The PREFAM project: towards the European framework for continuous professional development in precision engineering for advanced manufacturing

AdvManuNet: Support for a European Metrology Network for Advanced Manufacturing

An approach to improve accuracy and productivity of industrial CMM measurements at high scanning speed

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Scanning,Uncertainty

Evaluation of defects in laser powder bed fusion metal parts via in-process optical measurements and post-process X-ray computed tomography

Influence of Plasma electrolytic Polishing on the surface morphology of additively manufactured Ni-Ti-parts investigated on the basis of smart springs

Laser beam machining (LBM),Polishing,Shape memory alloy,Surface

In-situ high dynamic range inspection in Ebeam machine based on fringe projection profilometry

Design, analysis and test of a long stroke fast tool servo


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