Pressure Driven Filling in the Injection Molding Process of Micro Structured Parts

In-process measurement,Microstructure,Molding (or Moulding),Polymer

Dimensional Evaluation of Additive Manufactured Polymer Extrusion Dies Produced by Continuous Liquid Interface Production


Synchrotron vacuum diffractometer

Measuring instrument,Positioning,Precision,Vacuum

Development of a reference object for accuracy evaluation of CT measurements of additively manufactured metal lattice structures


Mathematical approach to the validation of surface texture filtration software


Localized Surface Functionalization of Steel by Jet-Plasma electrolytic Polishing

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Micromachining,Polishing,Roughness,Surface

Data-driven fault diagnosis of industrial robots with a cloud computing framework

Artificial intelligence,Diagnostics,Manufacturing,Robot

Innovative mass standards for the worldwide transfer of the redefined unit kilogram


AdvManuNet: a networking project on metrology for advanced manufacturing

Design of electro permanent magnetic chuck for curved surface of large workpiece


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