High-throughput nanoscale mechanical property mapping under high temperature and high vacuum environment

Analysis,Nano indentation,Property,Vacuum

Initial nano-tomo-ptychography 3D-imaging results on the SWING beamline at Synchrotron SOLEIL

Accuracy,Interferometry,Mechatronic,Nano technology

Investigation on grinding of tungsten heavy alloy with the assistance of electrochemical modification

Alloy,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Force,Wear

Advances in soft robot actuation and their morphological control

A New Method for Edge Collapse Prevention in Bound-Abrasive Lapping


Beam separated coaxial interferometer with picometer non-linearity for accurate measurements at the nanoscale


Trajectory simulation of ion beams focused by a magnetic lens for the figuring of small optics

Finishing,Ion beam machining (IBM),Optical,Surface

Non-destructive roughness analysis of high aspect ratio rectangular grating sidewalls for nanostructured silicon wafer

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Metrology,Nano technology,Wafer

A precise milling of integral blade rotors by using different strategies


A real-time control system for mirrors local slope errors using thermal actuators: design concept and performance estimation


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