SIG : Micro Manufacturing

|SIG : Micro Manufacturing

New structural – parametric method for assessing the geometrical accuracy of machine tools


A novel multi-axis position sensor is validated to nanometre accuracy and demonstrates picometre/nanoradian potential


Investigation on femtosecond laser micro machining spark plasma sintered TiB2-10%SiC ceramic composites

Laser micro machining,Machinability,Micromachining,Miniaturization

Closed-loop controlled jet polishing system for generating nano-scale roughness optical surfaces

Interferometrically controlled, scalable x-y planar positioning stage concept

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Interferometry,Nano manufacturing,Positioning

Surface and shape measurement solution integrated in laser machine for the characterization of round parts

Accuracy,Algorithm,Calibration,In-process measurement,Laser micro machining,Surface

Nanosecond laser processing of zirconia/alumina composites with different alumina contents

Biomedical,Ceramic,Composite,Laser micro machining

Measuring system for synchrotron CT to characterize nanoparticles release on human organoids exposed to metal implant


Development of a handling system for single carbon fibres as tool electrodes in micro-EDM

Drilling,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Fixture,Micromachining

Electromagnetic Embossing of Optical Microstructures with High Aspect Ratios in Thin Aluminum Sheets

Aluminium,Forming,Microstructure,Sheet metal

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