Large area, low cost micro and nanostructured sleeves and shims based on Nanocoining

Control,Nano manufacturing,Nano indentation,Stamping

Microstructured PVDF surfaces and their inhibitory effect on the microbial attachment of nosocomial biofilm-forming microorganisms


The use of the GUM for the expression of uncertainty in micro moulded textures analysed with product fingerprints

Microstructure,Molding (or Moulding),Texture,Uncertainty

Measurements of freeform surfaces with three dimensional nano-profiler based on normal vector tracing method


New approaches in ultra precision manufacturing of diffraction gratings

Micromachining,Nano manufacturing,Optical,Ultra-precision

Surface Structuring of SiSiC by Jet-Electrochemical Machining

Carbide,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Surface

Surface microstructuring of journal bearings by ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning


Mathematical approach to the validation of form removal software


Design and evaluation of structured freeform optics for uniform LED illumination

Conceptual design,Design method,Optical

Surface topography and functional morphology analysis of micro-abrasive blasted mould surface for improved ceramic injection molding performance

Blasting,Ceramic,Molding (or Moulding),Roughness,Structure

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