Geneva 2022

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Geneva 2022 Proceedings Full Version

Fabrication of nano core-shell aided multifunctional robust polymeric coating for steel protection

Coating,Composite,Nano technology,Polymer

Progress of the European Metrology Network for Advanced Manufacturing


Experimental characterization and evaluation of additively manufactured PEEK dies for polymer profile extrusion

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),3D printing,Extrusion,Tooling

A hydrogen valve enabling overlay and throughput for EUV


investigation of a thermistor temperature measurement system with sub millikelvin resolution

Measuring instrument,Sensor,Temperature

Electrochemical hybrid additive and subtractive micro-manufacturing on a low cost desktop 3D printer

3D printing,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Manufacturing,Micromachining

Parallel positioning technology for a high-energy synchrotron beam-line system

Conceptual design,Kinematic,Parallel,X-ray

Compare in-plane vibration frequencies and modes of tuning fork using FEM simulation and sampling moiré method

Finite element method (FEM),Vibration

Planarization of polymer materials using catalytic reaction in pure water


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