Como 2011

|Como 2011

A Study of the Isolation Performance and the Influence of Long-period Ground Motion to Semiconductor Lithograph Machine

Creating Controlled Features Underneath Metal Surfaces Through Laser-induced Melt Volume Expulsion

Support for Micro-Tolerancing Through the Feedback of Existing Quality-Related Data to Product Developers

Micro–EDM: Process Effects on the Tool Wear Ratio

Dynamic Thermal Center for High Precision Applications

Grinding Performance of a Grain-Arranged Diamond

Micro-patterned Biological Interfaces Manufactured by Diamond Turning with CVD Diamond Micro-tools

High-Aspect-Ratio Nanofabrication of Carbon Materials Using CNT Probe and TEM in-situ Observations of Their Process

Energy efficient MEMS Using Collinear-Type Statically Balanced Compliant Micro Mechanisms (SB-CMM): Experimental Results

Cutting Process in Turning of SuperHeat-Resistant Alloy Inconel 718 under Oil Mist Application

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