Special Interest Group Meeting: Precision Motion Systems & Control
17th – 18th November 2020

Design Concepts for Sub-Micrometer Positioning

Tutorial: Design Concepts for Sub-Micrometer Positioning

Tuesday 17th November 2020
Time: 09:00 – 12:30

The tutor is: Huub Janssen, JPE B.V, NL

Summary of the Course Content

Principles for accuracy, play, stiffness, friction

  • Definition of positioning terminology: Accuracy, repeatability, resolution, stability.
  • Discussion of practical case in order to determine items compromising position accuracy

Design solutions and mechatronic context

  •             Compliant mechanisms, flexure design
  •             Use leaf springs instead of roller bearings. Advantages / disadvantages
  •             Thin plate design (torsional stiffness)
  •             Example: Mechatronic positioning challenge

Tutorial Intention

The tutorial is meant for mechanical designers entering the field of precision engineering where positioning down to nanometric levels is required.

The course will give some theoretical background, but is mainly focusing on practical implementation of various design solutions which can be used in this field of engineering.

By introduction of practical cases, a good understanding of the critical issues which could compromise high precision will be highlighted and design solutions will be presented and discussed.

Biography: Huub Janssen (founder and CEO of JPE)

Industrial and Academic Background

Ir. Huub Janssen, born in 1959, studied mechanical engineering at the university of Eindhoven (the Netherlands) with a focus on precision engineering.

After graduation in 1984, he joined ASML where he was involved in the mechanical development of the first, high performance, electric wafer stage and theoretical analysis of various positioning disturbance factors.

In 1987 he joined Philips where he was responsible for technical specification and organization of equipment for fabrication and testing of liquid crystal displays.

In 1991 he started his own company: Janssen Precision Engineering which recently is renamed and is now called JPE. Nowadays with about 20 employees, JPE is a leading center of expertise in precision engineering and develops unique solutions in the field of high-tech equipment and scientific instruments.

Personal Attitude

“Driven by innovation” well defines my personal attitude and it’s well incorporated in the JPE company.
In the High Tech Engineering (HTE) department we come up with break through engineering solutions for our customers in the forefront of high-tech machinery and scientific instruments. With our product portfolio concerning nanometric positioning devices to be used in cryogenic environments (CNP) we enable our customers to do their disruptive experiments. Last but not least we launched an innovative way to share our expertise via our Precision Point portal where we provide the precision engineering community with practical to the point information.

All these activities are in line with our drive and passion to solve complex technical problems in an innovative way in order to create valuable solutions for our customers.

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