Special Interest Group Meeting: Precision Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems


Workshop: High-performance computing for wind energy – HPCWE

Thursday 14th October 2021
Time: 10:30 – 12:00 (CEST)

Chair: Prof. Atanas Popov, University of Nottingham, UK

A large number of wind power generators are being deployed at land and sea worldwide to meet the demand for clean alternatives to fossil fuel. At each stage of the wind farm life cycle, from site assessment and development to construction and operation, massive amounts of data are produced that are processed by powerful computer systems. This EU-funded HPCWE project addresses the computational challenges faced by the wind energy industry in Europe and Brazil. These include the efficient use of computational resources in wind turbine simulations, smooth integration of meso-scale and micro-scale simulations, and the system optimisation. The project aims to deliver a step change in the use of high-performance computing regarding wind flow simulations, by reshaping almost every stage of wind energy exploration. The Workshop will present the latest research findings and developments on the project, with reference to specific work packages and activities within the programme.


Time (CEST)ProgrammePresenter
10:30 – 10:40Welcome and Introduction –
Project structure, consortium, and overall objectives
Atanas Popov, University of Nottingham, UK
10:40 – 11:00Algorithm and method developmentRichard Stevens, University of Twente, NL
11:00 – 11:20Efficiency improvements of wind energy simulationJake Badger, Technical University of Denmark, DK
11:20 – 11:40Validation & use casesGil Lizcano, Vortex, ES
11:40 – 11:50The collaboration between Europe and Brazil partners on the HPCWE projectBruno Carmo, University of Sao Paulo, BZ
11:50 – 12:00Outlook: challenges, further ideas, and future applicationsAtanas Popov, University of Nottingham, UK


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