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22nd International Conference & Exhibition
30th May – 3rd June 2022, Geneva, Switzerland

Event Registration

Euspen’s 22nd International Conference & Exhibition is held over 5 days (30th May – 3rd June 2022) and the daily programme is detailed below.


Monday 30th May 2022

08:30 – 11:30Tutorial One: FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Design
Alex Slocum, MIT
08:30 – 11:30Tutorial Three: Analysis and Design Concepts for Ultrastable Mechanical Systems: Thermal Effects
Nicolas Jobert, Alma Consulting
13:30 and 15:15CERN Technical Tour (CERN)
14:00 – 17:00Workshop One: Metrology of machine tools and industrial robots geometry and compliance
Andreas Archenti, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and René Mayer, École Polytechnique de Montréal
14:00 – 17:00Workshop Two: European framework for continuous professional development in precision engineering for advanced manufacturing (PREFAM)
Facilitated by Liam Blunt, University of Huddersfield and Prof. Enrico Savio, University of Padova, ITZoom access details should you wish to attend the workshop virtually:Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 832 5097 9328
Passcode: 435475
14:00 – 16:00Early Conference Registration at Hilton Geneva Hotel
14:00 – 17:00CERN Guided Tour (CERN)
18:00 – 20:00Welcome Reception to be held at The Globe, CERN
We invite our delegates to join us at for drinks and canapes with an opportunity to catch-up with old and new friends in this high-profile venue.

Tuesday 31st May 2022

08:00 – 09:00Conference Registration at Hilton Geneva Hotel
09:00 – 09:20Presidential Address and Welcome to CERN by Dr. Hélène Mainaud Durand
09:20 – 09:50Keynote One
Present and future CERN projects and their associated engineering challenges
Dr. Rhodri Jones, CERN, CH

09:50 – 10:20

Keynote Two
The James Webb Space Telescope: testing on ground to ensure on orbit performance
Dr. Begõna Vila, NASA, US
10:30 – 11:00Coffee in Exhibition
11:00 – 12:15


Keynote Three
Geneva´s Special Contribution to Precision Manufacturing and Metrology in Europe: A Historical Perspective
Dr. Thomas Sesselmann, Dr Johannes HEIDENHAIN GmbH, DE
12:15 – 12:30Lifetime Achievement Award
12:30 – 13:00

Chair: Byron Knapp

Commercial Session

12:30 – 12:34     Ametek
12:34 – 12:38     Moore Nanotech
12:38 – 12:42     ASML
12:42 – 12:46     Cranfield Precision
12:46 – 12:50     Prof. Instruments
12:50 – 12:54     JPE
12:54 – 12:58     SIOS
12:58 – 13:02     Micro Lam

13:00 – 14:00Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition
14:00 – 15:25

Co-Chair: Anke Günther; Saša Zelenika

Session 1: Advances in Precision Design, Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies

Session Keynote:
14:00     Rectilinear translation four-bar flexure mechanism based on four Remote Center Compliance pivots
Loïc Tissot-Daguette, EPFL, CH

14:20     Alleviating stress concentrations by constant curvature flexure mechanisms
Jan de Jong, University of Twente, NL

14:35     Nanotribological characterization of an X39CrMo17-1 steel thin-film via measurement-based machine learning methods
Marko Percic, University of Rijeka, HR

14:50     An enhanced mechanism for a kibble balance at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Lorenz Keck, NIST. US

15:05      Discussion

15:25 – 15:40

Chair: Byron Knapp

Commercial Session

15:25 – 15:29     IBS Precision
15:29 – 15:33     MI-Partners
15:33 – 15:37     Aerotech
15:37 – 15:41     Hexagon

15:40 – 16:10Coffee in Exhibition
16:10 – 16:35

Chair: Byron Knapp

Commercial Session

16:10 – 16:14     attocube
16:14 – 16:18     Contour Fine Tooling
16:18 – 16:22     SYMETRIE
16:22 – 16:26     Kern Microtechnik
16:26 – 16:30     Loxham Precision
16:30 – 16:34     Smaract GmbH

16:35 – 16:55Euspen Talent Programme 2022
17:00 – 20:30Student Recruitment Networking Event
Free Evening


Wednesday 1st June 2022


08:30 – 09:00

Keynote Four
The use of humanoids and AI in the industrial processes and manufacturing
Prof. Darwin Caldwell, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
09:00 – 10:45

Co-Chair: Theo Ruijl; Dominiek Reynaerts

Session 2: Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

Session Keynote:
09:00     A hydrogen valve enabling overlay and throughput for EUV
Radu Donose, ASML, NL       

09:20     Material removal rate prediction with force signals and machine learning in magnetically driven internal finishing
Jiong Zhang, National University of Singapore, SG

09:35     The MIIM method for the environmental thermal error study of large machine tools: A real case study
Fernando Egaña, TEKNIKER, ES

09:50     On-machine measurement cycle for the adaptive thermal error compensation of linear axes
Nico Zimmermann, ETH Zürich, CH

10:05     Active load cell with positive, negative and zero stiffness operating modes for micronewton range contact force monitoring in electrical probing
Michal Smreczak, EPFL, CH

10:20      Discussion

10:45 – 11:15Coffee in Exhibition
11:15 – 13:00

Co-Chair: Liam Blunt; Jelm Franse

Session 3: Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Session Keynote:
11:15     Process behaviour of segmented and actuated tool electrodes for variable shaping in sinking EDM
Jonas Ludwig, IWF TU Berlin, DE

11:35     A novel design of soft tool manipulator for hard-to-reach zone machining by microEDM
Sam Peerlinck, KU Leuven, BE   

11:50     Surface optimization of dental implants with laser surface texturing and silver coating
Luiz Schweitzer, Fraunhofer IPK, DE    

12:05    An investigation of maskless fluid jet polishing of three dimensional structured surfaces
Chunjin Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK

12:20     Fabrication of an atomically smooth polycrystalline surface without grain boundary steps using catalyst-referred etching
Daisetsu Toh, Osaka University, JP

12:35     Discussion

13:00 – 13:15euspen AGM
13:00 – 14:00Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition

14:00 – 15:25

Co-Chair: Jose Yague-Fabra; Henny Spaan

Session 4: Large Scale Precision Engineering

Session Keynote:
14:00     Structured laser beam for alignment and large-scale metrology
Krystof Polak, CERN, CH

14:20     Frequency scanning interferometry for accurate robot position measurement
Mohammed Isa, University of Nottingham, UK

14:35     Geometrical measurement concept for the ATLAS New Small Wheel construction
Dirk Mergelkuhl, CERN, CH 

14:50     Simulation and accuracy evaluation of a new 3D photogrammetric position measurement system
Uwe Bielke, Glasgow Caledonian University, DE

15:05     Discussion

15:25 – 15:44

Chair: Byron Knapp

Commercial Session

15:25 – 15:29     Zygo
15:29 – 15:33     Evident Europe (Olympus)
15:33 – 15:37     Prior Scientific
15:37 – 15:41     Huber
15:41 – 15:45     Hittech Group

15:45 – 16:10Coffee in Exhibition
16:10 – 16:25euspen 23rd International Conference & Exhibition, DTU, DK, Prof Hans Hansen
16:25 – 16:35Heidenhain Scholarship Awards
16:35 – 18:00Poster Session      (Poster Numbers)
17:45 – 18:30Exhibitor Drinks
18:30 – 22:00euspen Networking Dinner, Coaches depart from Hilton Geneva Hotel


Thursday 2nd June 2022

09:00 – 10:45

Co-Chair: Harald Bosse;  Thomas Ittner

Session 5: Metrology

Session Keynote:
09:00     Development of a high precision balance for measuring quantity of dispensed fluid as a new calibration reference for the becquerel
Sven Schulze, NIST, US

09:20     Near-field spectroscopic measurement of thermally excited evanescent waves
Ryoko Sakuma, The University of Tokyo, JP

09:35     Efficient close-range photogrammetry reconstruction through autonomous image background removal
Joe Eastwood, University of Nottingham, UK

09:50     A new spin on kibble: A self calibrating torque realization device at NIST
Zane Comden, NIST, US

10:05     A plate beamsplitter based stereo phase measuring deflectometry for measuring specular structured surfaces
Feng Gao, University of Huddersfield, UK

10:20     Discussion

10:45 – 11:15Coffee in Exhibition
11:15 – 12:45Poster Session     (Poster Numbers)
Voting on posters will close 12:00
12:45 – 13:45Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition
13:45 – 14:50

Co-Chair: Oltmann Riemer;  Harkaitz Urreta

Session 6: Mechanical Manufacturing Processes (Part 1)

Session Keynote:
13:45     Micro milling of brass and commercially pure titanium with all-ceramic micro end mills made from four different ceramic tool substrates
Tobias Mayer, TU Kaiserslautern – Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Production Systems, DE

14:05     Precision cutting of CVD-SiC aspheric mold by PCD milling tool
Mirai Sakaida, Chubu University, JP

14:20     Cutting of tungsten carbide using driven rotary tool
Dennis Wee Keong Neo, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, SG

14:35     Ductile cutting regime in freeform milling of single crystal silicon
Marvin Groeb, Kern Microtechnik GmbH, DE

14:50 – 15:15Coffee in Exhibition
15:15 – 16:15Session 6: Mechanical Manufacturing Processes (Part 2)

15:15     Enhanced ultra-precision machining of discontinuous microstructures on monolithic surfaces
Timo Dörgeloh, Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering IWT, DE

15:30     Research on CNC polishing technology of rotational symmetric aspheric optical elements
Yaolong Chen, Xi’an Jiaotong University, CN

15:45     Discussion

16:15 – 16:25Closing remarks by euspen Vice President, Prof. Liam Blunt 

Friday 3rd June 2022

09:30 and 11:15CERN Technical Tour (CERN)
10:00 – 13:00CERN Guided Tour (CERN)
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