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Capability verification of the measurement with a large-range nanopositioning stage

Measurement,Metrology,Nano technology

Integration of a piezostage and a measuring instrument in a two-stage long-range nanopositioning platform

Geometric modelling,Metrology,Nano technology

Design of a reference standard for X–ray CT and other contact and non-contact metrological instruments


Positioning uncertainty assessment of a large-range nanopositioning platform

Positioning,Thermal error,Uncertainty

Performance study of Z-direction dynamics of a XY nanopositioning stage

Nano technology,Positioning,Sensor

Analysis and comparison of different methods of calibration for projector to reduce the uncertainty propagation of camera calibration on a camera-projector measuring system


A self-calibration method for the error mapping of a 2D precision sensor

Capacitive sensors based kinematic modeling of an indexed metrology platform

Key ideas on computed tomography measurement corrections applied to a conventional CT machine

Characterization of a Capacitive Sensor used in an Indexed Rotary Metrology Platform

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