The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

|The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A Study of Surface Reconstruction for the Measurement of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces

Tool wear presentation in ultra-precision raster fly cutting using workpiece modal frequencies

Tool setting error induced structure distortion in fast tool servo assisted diamond turning of microlens array

A rotational stitching method for measuring cylindrical surfaces

A Study of Effect of Tool Wear on Surface Quality in Fast Tool Servo Machining

Study on the Mechanism of Chip Formation in Nanometric Cutting of CaF2 by Molecular Dynamics

A Novel Method for the Design and Ultra-precision Machining of the Hybrid Optical Surface of Single BD/CBHD Compatible Objective Lens

A Framework of a Process Modelling and Optimization System for the Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of Progressive Lenses

Numerical Simulation and Replication of Bionic Microstructure for Drag Reduction

A reverse engineering based approach for the repair of LP compressor fan blade

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