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A study of influence factors on form error and surface finish in the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration-assisted cutting of structured surfaces

Accuracy,Analysis,Manufacturing (CAM),Cutting

An investigation of maskless fluid jet polishing of three dimensional structured surfaces

Finishing,Microstructure,Mold (or Mould),Polishing

A study of magnetic field-assisted mass polishing of additive manufactured surfaces


Effects of process parameters on the replica shape in glass hot embossing

Glass,Hot stamping,Manufacturing,Precision

An investigation of factors affecting surface generation in ultrasonic vibration assisted diamond cutting of hard-brittle materials


An Investigation of Material Removal Characteristics and Surface Generation in Multi-jet Polishing of Inner Surfaces


An Investigation of surface generation in swing precess bonnet polishing of functional 3D-structured surfaces

Modelling surface generation in ultra-precision grinding based on the surface topography of grinding wheel

A Study of Cutting Strategy on Surface Microstructural Changes in Ultra-precision Raster Milling of Aluminium Alloy

Modeling the Size Effect in Ultra-precision Machining by Mechanism-based Strain Gradient Crystal Plasticity

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