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|Technische Universität Braunschweig

Precise length measurement at non-standard temperature

Measurement,Quality assurance,Thermal error,Workpiece

Scanning characterization of polymer coating layers using contact resonance with piezoresistive microprobes


Development of a novel material measure for characterising instrument transfer function (ITF) considering angular-dependent asymmetries of areal surface topography measuring instruments

Metrology,Microscope,Nano technology,Surface

Honing of grey cast iron with structured CVD-diamond coated honing tools


Improvements of a novel size-adjusted machine concept


Comparing Retraction Methods with Volumetric Exit Flow Measurement in Molten Material Extrusion

CVD Diamond Grinding Tools Lead to Increasing Cutting Performance during Microgrinding of Ceramics

Investigation of the Cutting Behavior of Piezoelectric Ceramics during Grinding with Diamond Pins

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