Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

|Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

A Parallelism Alignment Mechanism for Nanoimprint Lithograph with Large Imprinting Force

Geometrical-based approach for flexure mechanism design

Ultraprecision machining of gravure roller mould for Roll-to-Roll printing of high-resolution electronics

“Taming” ultrasonic vibrations with ILC for controlled pre-heating of polymeric embossing process

A two-scale force sensor for power device wire-pull test

Dynamic Modelling of the Cusp Error Reduction Phenomenon in High Speed Micro/meso-scale Milling Processes with Ultrasonic Vibration Assistance

Deep hole drilling methodology for high yield strength Inconel 718 >1000 MPa

A novel vibration- and magnetic field-assisted polishing (VMAP) method for microstructured surface finishing

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