Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

|Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Electrochemical oxidation assisted ultra-precision optical microstructure machining on Tungsten Carbide superalloy


Modeling of thermal error in a spindle motor assembly through temperature measurement and a method of sensor reduction

Modification of flute geometry for enhanced tool life in gun drilling of Inconel 718

Cooling,Deep hole drilling,Wear

A novel localized vibration-assisted magnetic abrasive polishing method for V-groove and Fresnel optics finishing


Effect of air blow pressure in ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining of steel using PCD

A novel vibration-assisted magnetic abrasive polishing method for complex internal surface finishing

An Experimental and Simulation Study on Deep Hole Gundrilling of Inconel-718

Micro Prism Array Machining on Large Area of Brass Foil for Making Roller Imprinting Mould

Investigation of the effect of tooling axial ultrasonic vibration assistance on meso-scale milled surfaces

An experimental study of microscale textures on flank face of cutting tools

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