Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore

|Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore

A Micro Force Measurement, Transmission and Control System for Biomechanics Studies

Femtosecond Laser-induced Modification in Surface Wettability of PMMA for Microfluidic Applications

Process Modelling and Simulation of Vibratory Finishing of Fixtured Components

Modal Prediction of Aerostatic Guideway with Realistic Bearing Stiffness Model

A 3-DOF Spatial Motion Flexure-Based Parallel Manipulator with Large Workspace and High Payload for UV Nanoimprint Lithography Application

Removal of Artifacts in X-ray CT by Using Extended ROI

Nanoscale Displacement Sensing Using Surface Plasmonics Excited by Broadband Light

Thin-film Characterization by SNOM

Measurement of Micro-fluidic Channels by Modified Optical Coherence Tomography

Surface Form Measurement with Wavefront Based Modulated Lighting Technology

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