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Microscopic behaviour of positioning mechanism driven by preloaded ball screw with external disturbance from ultraprecision turning process


Dynamic property and settling stability of ultraprecision positioning mechanism with sub-nanometre resolution driven by preloaded ball screw


Control of contact resistance and frictional condition between cylindrical models for hydraulic half-floating sliding leadscrew


Microscopic behaviour of ultraprecision positioning mechanism driven by ball screw with external axial load

Ultraprecise positioning mechanism with 3-DOF over a one-millimeter stroke using monolithic flexure guide and electromagnetic actuator

Linear stepping actuator with ultra-fine resolution using coaxial differential ball screw

Ultraprecision positioning with sub-nanometer resolution by using ball screw and aerostatic guide way

Positioning Accuracy of a High-precision Planer Multi-joint Mechanism: Measurement and a Method of Link Parameter Calibration for Error Compensation

Ultraprecision 4-axis positioning mechanism using flexure guide and electromagnetic actuator for topography measurement system

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