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Calibration of reference spheres by double-ended- interferometry


Laser cutting and structuring for processing aluminium nitride chips for optical clocks

Development;Laser beam machining (LBM);Manufacturing;Processing

Dimensional accuracy of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg parts: Study of the influence of build platform position, process parameters and repeatability

Design of an absolute distance interferometer for the dynamic calibration of large-volume coordinate measurement machines


Insulation of heat sources by additively manufactured parts

Conceptual design,Temperature,Thermal error

Measurement errors in the Planck-Balance caused by alternating forces


Measurement platform with a multi-functional MEMS-SPM head for high-throughput characterisation of nanostructured materials

Dimensional,Nano indentation,Scanning probe microscope (SPM),Speed

Semi-deterministic Manufacturing Process for Roughness Standards for Involute Gears


Progress in nanometrology: reduction of measurement uncertainty of step height and etching depth calibration down to 0.3 nm

Accuracy,Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Metrology,Nano technology

Development of a large tube outdoor measuring facility for solar modules

Computer aided design (CAD),Development,Measuring instrument

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