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Design and manufacture of a reference interferometer for long-range distance metrology

Computer aided design (CAD),Interferometry,Measuring instrument,Metrology

Design and manufacturing of deterministically micro-structured plates for capacitive sensors


Distortion characterization of a metrological UV- microscope for uni- and bidirectional measurements


Analysis of vibration-based degradation of the spatial resolution of a nanometer-X-ray fluorescence analysis setup

Analysis,Finite element method (FEM),Metrology,Vibration

A compact and calibratable von Hamos X-Ray Spectrometer based on two full-cylinder HAPG mosaic crystals for high energy-resolution XES and RIXS

Analysis,Measuring instrument,Metrology,X-ray

A phase retrieval inspired approach for the determination of optical aberrations in microscopy


Design and manufacturing of large range, discrete step chirp standards


Improved measurement electronics for temperature measurement and control

Calibration strategies for 3D standards

Calibration strategies for 3D standards

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