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Multiscale calibration of a low-coherence interferometer for embedded metrology

Calibration,In-process measurement,Interferometry,Metrology

Precision manufacture of concrete parts using Integrated Robotic 3D Printing and Milling

Manufacturing (CAM),3D printing,Milling,Robot

In-situ measurement of electrochemical jet machining using low coherence interferometry

Electro chemical machining (ECM),In-process measurement,Interferometry,Metrology

Lensless Low Coherence Interferometer Fibre-Deployed Metrology For In-Situ Measurements


A critical evaluation of various methods using a laser scanner with an industrial robotic arm.

Low Coherence Interferometric Fibre Based In-situ Measurements of Surface Roughness in Air and in Water


ISO Compliant Reference Artefacts for the Verification of Focus Varation-based Optical Micro-co-ordinate Measuring Machines

Development of a traceable performance verification route for optical micro-CMMs

The development of a snow cleaning system for micro-CMM stylus tips

The influence of tilt on surface roughness measurement using the focus variation microscope

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