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Influence of micro patterned grinding wheels on the work piece quality

3D-Reconstruction of Microstructures on Cylinder Liners

Compact XYC-table fluid planar drive system for micro milling

Fabrication of Electroplated Cu Tool Electrodes for Micro‑EDM using a Si Micromold

Precise Machining of Micro Dimples in Large Scale Areas

Increasing the lifetime of roller bearings by using precision deep rolling

A new Approach for the Simultaneous Grinding of Cubic Microstructures in Brittle-Hard Materials

Mechanical Characterization of Machining Results for Sintered Silicon-Carbide (SSiC)

Precision Grinding with CVD Diamond Coated Dicing Blades

Blade Wear and Sidewall Quality by Dicing of Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC)

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