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Design of an axially-actuated rotary stage for an ultra-precision machine tool

Nanometer accurate orbit model for analysing the error motion of a porous aerostatic bearing

Parameter Analysis in ELID-Grinding of Cermets

Determining the random measurement errors of a novel moving-scale measurement system with nanometre uncertainty

Design of a nanometer-accurate air bearing rotary stage for the next generation nano-CT scanners

Fast Nanometer Positioning System by Combining Fast Resonant Mode and Accurate Piezostack Direct Drive

Jet-Electrochemical machining of selective laser melted aluminum and steel alloys for micro injection moulds

A holistic approach for µEDM milling on SLMed steel

Experimental validation of the reproducibility of a position measurement system with nanometre uncertainty

Influence of production tolerances on the performance of a piezoelectric nanometer positioning system

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