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A comprehensive error correction/prediction system for tool-servo driven diamond turning of freeform surfaces


Ultrasonic-vibration-assisted Micromachining of Composite Materials

Band-limited Cutting Force Control in Ultra-precision Turning

Influence of cutting force and tool geometry on whole quality in glass microdrilling

Cryogenic microshaping of viscoelastic polymer with single point diamond tool

Development of an Integrated Apparatus of MicroEDM and Micro3D-CMM with a High-accuracy Probe-rotation Mechanism

Influence of micro-crack on optical micro-resonator of single-crystal calcium fluoride manufactured by ultra-precision cylindrical turning

Nano-precision fabrication of hexagonal microlens array by segment turning using slow tool servo

Atomic subsurface integrity improvement for curved and micro-structured silicon surface by laser irradiation

Shear Angle Control Method in Turning applying Cutting Force Observer

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