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Automated Modular Part-flexible Feeding System for Micro Parts

Measurement Setup for the Experimental Lifetime Evaluation of Micro Gears

Efficient ablation strategies and quality assurance for structuring big surfaces by an ultra-short-pulse laser

Experience-based User Support System for the Measurement of Micro-mechanical Parts

Matching of Micro Gears via Dimensional Metrology and Functional Testing

Development and Integration of a Method to Support Dynamical Analyses of Micro Gears in Functional Testings

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance of Micro Structured Crankshaft Bearings

Application of an Optical Geometrical Measurement in Quality Assessment of Micro Gears

Comparison of Dimensional Measurements of Microparts Made Using Deepx-ray Lithography (LIGA): First Results

Separation strategies for a feeding system with modular coupled piezoelectric vibration conveyers

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