Delft University of Technology

|Delft University of Technology

Using deformable surface for thin substrate transport and positioning system: Initial design and preliminary results

Linear nano-positioning stage using ferrofluid bearings

Estimating deformation of a free-floating wafer chuck

Experimental validation of a piezoelectrically driven photomask curvature manipulator

A novel constant force compliant precision stage to balance a load in six degrees of freedom

Optimal Performance of a Controlled System with Structural Parameter Variation

Deformation measurement of a plate with damping contact

Reduction of transient thermal deformation in a thin plate under moving heat load using thermal modal analysis based control methods

Energy efficient MEMS Using Collinear-Type Statically Balanced Compliant Micro Mechanisms (SB-CMM): Experimental Results

Air Film Based Contactless Planar Positioning System with Sub-micron Precision

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