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High-precision motion system design by topology optimization considering additive manufacturing

Design,3D printing,Optimisation,Precision

Reducing thermal errors with topology optimization and distributed cooling

Topology optimisation for transient thermoelastic design

Design method,Optimisation,Thermal error

Reducing peak stresses in a folded leaf spring by pre-curving and pre-loading

Design method,Kinematic,Optimisation,Stress

Auto-alignment of a High-Precision Eddy-current Displacement Sensor Using a Thermal Slider Actuator


Design of a 4 degree of freedom monolithic compliant alignment mechanism for additive manufacturing

Alignment,3D printing,Kinematic,Mechanism

Controlling Local Overheating in Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

2-DoF magnetic actuator for a 6-DoF stage with long-stroke gravity compensation

Design of high performance mechatronic systems using topology optimization

Friction controlled precision positioning

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