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Highly efficient texturing of electroless Ni-P plate for optical mold surface by ultrasonic vibration assisted indentation

Mold (or Mould),Optical,Texture,Ultrasonic

Precision cutting of CVD-SiC aspheric mold by PCD milling tool

Ceramic,Chemical vapor deposition (CVD),Cutting,Milling

Precision cutting of structured moulds of tungsten carbide with PCD milling tool


Improvement of surface roughness by oblique cutting in diamond turning


Automated workpiece setting operation and its errors compensation on an ultraprecision machine tool


Three-dimensional micro shape creation by on-machine scanning measurement


Study on scribing characteristics of wafer with precision of ground scribing wheel

Ultraprecision cutting of silicon carbide using micro milling tool of single crystalline diamond

Setting errors compensation of a workpiece located by industrial robots

Uniform Polishing of Large Aspheric Glass Lenses by Magnetic Field-Assisted Polishing

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