Automatic validation device for single-axis high impact accelerometers


Precise radioactive source installation using dual-manipulator remote mobile robot for CERN AD ATRAP experiment

Adaptive control,Manipulator,Robot,Tooling

Image-based helium spill detection during LHC warm-up procedure for Long Shutdown 2


Use of Virtual Reality for Robotic Intervention Preparation in Unstructured and Hazardous Environments

Augmented reality,Maintenance,Reliability,Virtual reality

Development of an Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting system for Stavax mould machining

Control,Cutting,Finite element method (FEM),Ultrasonic

Evaluation of computer-aided manufacturing software accuracy for high precision machining

Accuracy,Manufacturing (CAM),Machining

Machining of bulk 1.3 GHz cavity

Manufacturing (CAM),Machining,Milling,Precision,Tooling,Turning

PIXE-RFQ modulation and cavity machining

Manufacturing (CAM),Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Diamond,Machining,Milling,Precision,Wire EDM

Cryogenic machining of component for radio frequency application


Surface integrity after EDM and qualification of damaged layer

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),White layer

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