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Practical method for checking of self-locking in kinematic couplings with linear equations

Design,Design method,Friction,Kinematic

Measurement-based loop shaping approach of feedback control for high performance direct drives incorporating friction behaviour of guides


Thermo-mechanical system modelling of a lithography high precision optics

Artificial intelligence,Compensation,Thermal error,Turning

Guaranteeing nanometre positioning under manufacturing and modelling uncertainty


Multivariable stability analysis of position-controlled payloads with flexible eigenmodes


Multivariable performance analysis of position-controlled payloads with flexible eigenmodes


Mechanical Shortcut Localization for Active Vibration Isolation Systems

Assembly,Diagnostics,Quality assurance,Vibration

Aliasing of Resonances in discrete-time controlled mechatronic Systems – Phenomenon, Modelling and Mitigation

Considering Aliasing of Resonances in the Design of discrete-time controlled Mechatronic Systems


Optimising mirror manipulator performance by means of robustness analysis of dynamics and control

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