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Special Interest Group Meeting : Structured & Freeform Surfaces
27th – 29th November 2018

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Special Interest Group Meeting: Structured & Freeform Surfaces
27th – 29th November 2018, École Normale Supérieure
Paris-Saclay, Cachan, FR

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Structured and Freeform Surfaces play an increasingly important role in many technology advancements ranging from optics to biomedical and energy applications. The functional characteristics of such surfaces supersede those of “traditional” surfaces, thus opening research and development avenues and new challenges for their specification, fabrication, measurement and verification.

The next euspen Special Interest Group (SIG) on Structured and Freeform Surfaces meeting will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and government agencies to discuss state-of-the-art practice, and key research and development in the area of precision engineering associated with structured and freeform surfaces. The meeting includes keynote presentations, oral sessions, posters and training seminars covering the newest developments and research on structured and freeform surfaces.

The local hosts and organizing committee for the Special Interest Group meeting on Structured Freeform Surfaces are :- Prof Nabil Anwer and Dr Charyar Mehdi-Souzani from ENS Cachan; Dr Hichem Nouira from LNE; Prof Richard Leach from University of Nottingham;  Dr Ludger Koenders from PTB and Prof Guido Todello from DTU

The Structured Freeform Surfaces meeting chair is Prof Richard Leach from University of Nottingham

A special focus will be given to research fields in the following topics:

Replication Techniques

  • Surface functionalisation
  • Replication processes (moulding, imprinting, embossing, …)
  • 3D micro-additive manufacturing technologies
  • Replication assessment and tolerance verification

Structured Surfaces to Affect Function

  • Structured surfaces characterization, combining structured and freeform geometries
  • Functionality and structure (tribology, biology, …)
  • Manufacturing and measurement (in-line, in-situ), process control
  • Dimensional metrology for structured surfaces

Precision Freeform Surfaces 

  • Freeform surface characterisation
  • Functionality and topography (optics, aeronautics, …)
  • Manufacturing and measurement (in-line, in-situ), process control
  • Dimensional metrology for freeform surfaces

A special focus will be given to research fields in the following topics:

Large-Scale Surface Structuring

  • Microstructures on large-scale surfaces (rigid and non-rigid)
  • Roll-to-roll patterning and structuring
  • Manufacturing and measurement (in-line, in-situ), process control
  • Dimensional metrology for large-scale surfaces

Surfaces for Nano-manufacturing and Metrology 

  • Nano-structured and functionalised surface characterisation
  • Nano-manufacturing processes (substractive, additive, formative)
  • Measurement and evaluation of nano-structured surfaces
  • Dimensional metrology at of nanoscale surfaces and structures
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Key Dates:

1st March 2018
Call for short abstracts

25th June 2018
Delegate registration open

27th July 2018
Online abstract submission deadline

31st  August 2018
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Registration Fees

All fees include networking dinner

  • €395.00+VAT euspen Member
  • €195.00+VAT Students Fees
  • €495.00+VAT Non-euspen members
  • €595.00+VAT Supporter (table top)
  • €165.00+VAT Tutorials

Meeting Keynotes

Tobias Binkele is a PhD student at the University of Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Before he started with his PhD work he received his Bachelor degree in the international course of Engineering and Applied Physics and his Master degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. His PhD work is focused on the non-contact gradient based measurement of freeform surfaces.

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