Ultra Precision Manufacturing & Assembly Processes

|Ultra Precision Manufacturing & Assembly Processes

A Study of Cutting Strategy on Surface Microstructural Changes in Ultra-precision Raster Milling of Aluminium Alloy

Modeling and Experimental Study of Vibration-assisted Micro-EDM of Cemented Carbide

Effect of Tool Shape on Precision Hole-cutting of Laminated Composite Materials

Achievement of Super-Smooth Surface of Cu by Abrasive-Free CMP Utilizing Vacuum Ultra-Violet Light

Roughness Prediction for Elastic Polishing of Complex Ceramic Workpieces

Development of a Membrane Based Polishing Tool

On Characterization of Dressing Process in ELID-Grinding

Microfabrication Using the Deep x-ray Lithography: A Contribution to Process Control

Fabrication of Microstructures Using PMMA by Rolling Process

Investigations on a Novel Polishing Technology for Machining Ultraprecise Freeform Surfaces

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