Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Assembly Processes

|Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Assembly Processes

Proposal of Electrolyte Suction Tool Electrode for Machining Area Confinement and Gap-width Detection

Assessment methods of injection moulded nano-patterned surfaces

Flow analysis of working fluid in micro electrical discharge drilling process

Influence of production tolerances on the performance of a piezoelectric nanometer positioning system

EDM process analysis using high-speed imaging

FIB surface finishing of micro-EDM metrology artefacts

Economic and energy efficiencies in meso-micro EDM

Wear characteristics of small diameter PCD coated carbide endmill in carbide milling

A Dicing study for highly productive micro production processes of porcelain-based ceramics for MEMS

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)-process for galvanic retroreflector moulds

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