Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Assembly Processes

|Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Assembly Processes

Production technique for Au-Pt Buffer Layer for the High Piezoelectric PZT

Design and Validation of a Pitch Tester

Micro Prism Array Machining on Large Area of Brass Foil for Making Roller Imprinting Mould

Precise Compensation of Component Distortion by an Adaptive Clamping System

Design and Implementation of a High-Power Machining Facility for Investigations in Vortex Machining

Quantifying the gap formed between the tool and the glass surface during SACE micro-drilling

Influence on the ductile behaviour of binderless tungsten carbide applying ultrasonic assisted diamond turning

Micro-drilling of cone shape holes by ultra-short pulsed laser for fluidic applications

High resolution laser micromachining of TiN coatings through the regulation of pulse characteristics

Electro chemical Discharge Machining Process of Pyrex Glass with Workpiece Vibration

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