Ultra Precision Machines & Control

|Ultra Precision Machines & Control

Design of a Low-cost CMM with Nanometer Uncertainty

Mechanical Modeling and Geometric Error Analysis of Rotatable H type stage using Flexure Hinge Mechanism

Advanced Control for Active Magnetic Bearing Systems

An Industrial Feasible Approach for Assessing the Performance of a 5-axis Ultraprecision Micromilling Machine

Dynamical Investigation of a Wrap-around Gas Bearing Design in a Vacuum Environment

Challenges in Next-generation Substrate Positioning

Thrust Force Control in Drilling Applying a Sensor-less Cutting Force Monitoring Method

Integration of Interferometry into Ultra-Precision Lathe for Tool Alignment and Surface Analysis

Sub-Nanometer Positioning with a High Resolution Laser Interferometer

Real-time Compensation of Dynamic Thermally Induced Optical Aberrations by a Deformable Mirror Based on Reluctance Actuators

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