Other Precision Machining, Additive & Replication Processes

|Other Precision Machining, Additive & Replication Processes

Characterization method for blisters created in film insert injection moulding

Objects for XYZ verification of 3D printers

Traceable In-Process Metrology in Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing

A predictive model for dimensional errors in Fused Deposition Modeling

Measuring central stiffness of an air bearing spindle

Precision analysis in billet preparation for micro bulk metal forming

The Influence of Different Tungsten Carbides (Grain Size and Cobalt Percentage) upon Material Removal Mechanism in Ultraprecision Grinding

Diamond wheel grinding performance evaluation of yttria stabilized Zirconia – Cubic and Tetragonal phases

Additive manufacturing for freeform mechatronics design: from concepts to applications

Effect of Electrodeposition Conditions on Replication Accuracy of Electroforming

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