Other Precision Machining, Additive & Replication Processes

|Other Precision Machining, Additive & Replication Processes

Multiple Discharge Phenomenon in Micro-EDM with RC Type Generator

Temperature dependent polymer shrinkage when replicating nanostructures

Development of AMOLED TFT crystallization system using an excimer laser and XY stage

Micro structuring of coated tools for dry sheet metal forming of Aluminium alloys

Characterization method for blisters created in film insert injection moulding

Process development and optimization in the die-sinking EDM-machining of micro-molds for the dental industry

Comparative analysis of different process simulation settings of a micro injection molded part featuring conformal cooling

Comparison of 3 methods on fabricating micro- nano- structured surface on 3D mold cavity

Objects for XYZ verification of 3D printers

Metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon with deposited Ag nanoparticles aiming for functional surfaces

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