Modelling and model reduction techniques

|Modelling and model reduction techniques

Spline approximation approach for elastic machine tool structure modelling

Modelling,Spline,Thermal error

Comparison of Thermal Modal Analysis and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition methods for thermal error estimation

Compensation,Modelling,Thermal error

Thermal modelling using dynamic mode decomposition for thermal error compensation in the temperature domain

Compensation,Decomposition method,Modelling,Thermal error

Multi-phase numerical simulation of coolant flow around the cutting tool

Cooling,Simulation,Thermal error,Tool

Simulation of the thermal behavior of machine tools for efficient machine development and online correction of the Tool Center Point (TCP)-displacement

Finite element method (FEM),Modelling,Simulation,Thermal error

A novel FEM-CFD interface for multi-physical simulations to model the effects of cutting fluid on the tool temperature during orthogonal cutting

Cooling,Finite element method (FEM),Simulation

Applied thermo-elastic model reduction

Deformation,Modelling,Predictive,Thermal error

Thermal Modal Analysis including Static correction: an efficient tool to model and design thermal compensation systems

Compensation,Control,In-process measurement,Thermal error

A rapid thermal characteristic modelling approach of machines tool spindles based on bond-graph method

Calibration,Modelling,Spindle,Thermal conductivity

Modelling & Identification for Thermal Control of Cooling Water with Varying Flow


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